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would like a new home

Can you give Homer a new home


Breed: Greyhound
Age: adult
Sex: Dog
Date Added: 08/01/2019

Rescue Information

Rescue: Forever Hounds Trust
Telephone: 03000 111 100

About Me

Handsome Homer is a really special boy, and a great favourite at kennels. A really fun and interactive dog, he just wants to play all day – unless there are cuddles on offer, of course! He loves fuss and attention, and wants to be involved with whatever you’re doing. Homer is really people-focused, and likes to have plenty to do, so would be best suited to an active home where his energy will be appreciated. He loves toys and will amuse himself by throwing them around, but also enjoys playing fetch and tug with anyone he can persuade to play with him!

This gentle giant has lived in a home before, and is house trained. He’s good around children and could live with kids of any age, depending on introductions – he is very tall and can be a bit enthusiastic at times, so they’ll need to be robust. He may also be cat trainable. Homer enjoys the company of other dogs and is friendly with them when out and about, but would prefer to be the only dog in the house, so he can have all the toys and attention to himself!

This gorgeous lad is just looking for another chance to share his huge heart with a special family. Could yours be the one to make him their Forever Homer?

Want to Adopt Homer?

If you would like to give Homer a new home, please contact the rescue on 03000 111 100 and ask for or send an email using the form if available.

Contact Form

Please use the form to send a message directly to the rescue.