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Lurcher Puppies
would like a new home

Can you give Lurcher Puppies a new home

Lurcher Puppies

Breed: Greyhound
Age: 8 weeks
Sex: Dog
Date Added: 16/09/2018

Rescue Information

Rescue: Greyhound Gap
Contact: Rose Marie
Telephone: Rose Marie on 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm)

About Me

The remaining 4 male lurcher puppies, Buddy, Taz, Tonka and Tux are now ready to start to look for their perfect forever homes. Tonka, Buddy, Tux and Taz are 8 weeks old on Thursday and will be visiting the vets for their first injections, re worming, chipping and health checks. They will be ready to leave for their new homes towards the end of August.

The puppies were sadly separated from their Mum at 5 weeks old due to an unforeseen family crisis. However, this has not affected them in anyway and we were quick to get them into individual foster where they would come into contact with other adult dogs to help with manners, cats, children etc.

Do not be fooled by their angelic faces they are VERY bold puppies and need experienced and understanding homes capable of having the time and energy to continue their journey through training and settling in. Such smart pups that they are not far off housetrained already and do ask to go to the toilet. ALL puppies have also been crate trained and we would strongly suggest that anyone considering offering one of the pups a home continued with that crate training through adolescence until out the other side of the settling, chewing and risk of separation anxiety stage. We would also strongly advise that any home was willing to undertake basic puppy socialisation classes and potentially progress to the kennel club good citizen scheme after. With puppies you literally only get out what you put in and we do not want to run the risk of ill mannered puppies being returned to us during their main adolescence period of around 10 to 12 months as they have not had the necessary time and training placed into them. Behaviours they exhibit now may be cute and manageable but as they grow they wont be.

The puppies can be rehomed either as only dogs with someone around all of the time and understanding that acclimatising them to becoming only dogs means work, with other dogs, cats and children. It does need noting though that lurcher puppies are small, they are fast, they bite and they have teeth like razors! Small children and often adults can fall foul to their behaviour whilst they learn impulse control. During the course of their maturity lurcher puppies WILL in the main regardless of the fact they are not going to become hunters attempt to hone their skills. During this time it needs understanding that the smallest thing in the house usually becomes *it* and the center of their self instigated training. This is why some young children may easily become upset. Any crying out or squealing will in turn excite the puppies more.

Want to Adopt Lurcher Puppies?

If you would like to give Lurcher Puppies a new home, please contact the rescue on Rose Marie on 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm) and ask for Rose Marie or send an email using the form if available.

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