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would like a new home

Can you give Sprite a new home


Breed: Lurcher
Age: 6 years
Sex: Dog
Date Added: 25/04/2017

Rescue Information

Rescue: Greyhound Gap
Contact: Rose Marie
Telephone: Rose Marie on 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm)

About Me

Sprite is now ready to find a home to call his own. This boy has a hell of a story to tell and a story that after 5 months of living him and breathing him everyday is a story that even I know remains untold. His past has been horrific. However he is an immense dog who deserves his story to have a happy ending and its time now to try to make that happen.

Sprite landed in our care last October from the stray pound with the most horrifically damaged and manged shoulder. I would hasten a guess from the scars on his head, shoulder and back end themselves all the way down that side of his body the story began with a massive impact probably a car. However the injury was never repaired leaving Sprite on 3 legs and in pain for what our orthopods felt was around 18mnths. We had 2 choices amputate or attempt to repair. Our specialists were sure they could fix it. I was not so sure but fix it we did. £2500 of surgery and huge huge external fixators meant that physically now our boy is as good as new, maybe even better who knows but he has a leg he can run and play and jump on and boy can he run and play and jump.

The mental scars are still a work in progress. Sprite is a very insular dog as far as other dogs are concerned and would rather not, that said he often enjoys the company of a much older calmer bitch but younger males and especially entire males are a no go. If he were to live with another dog it would need to be a calm female as stated. On the plus side he would make an amazing only dog for a couple who wanted a dog teaming full of character and charisma as Sprite is not lacking in either of these. He is a happy, naughty, mischievious clown and will keep you entertained for hours. I have never in 16 years of rescue met such a clown! He adores winding you up, he totally igores your pleas to calm down and next to the dictionary definition of if you can't beat them you may aswell join them should be a photo of Sprite
You cant be angry, upset or sad with a naughty little Sprite around the house because he simply wont let you and I sometimes wonder if me naming him Sprite was the pre cursor to his wappy behaviour. He loves balls, he loves toes, your handbags, your scarves basically anything not nailed down. He is clean, he will happily be left as an only dog for a month at a time lol if you let him because Sprite is actually all about Sprite lol but that said he is also the most affectionate and loving little beasty in the world too and will indulge you in cuddles and kisses and devilment at any given moment you ask. Sprite cant be rehomed with young children as sometimes when you ask him to do something he makes a stand! Even now we know to ask him and encourage him rather than try to push him to doing something and if he scares himself or gets tangled he can get very panicky squealy and teethy. He has never bitten though. Sprite is also not cat friendly but travels like a dream and is fabulous out on walks. All this may make Sprite sound hard work but in all honestly he really isnt!!! He is actually the easiest dog in the world to have around if you want character at times and out and out over indulgent total laziness at other times. We ADORE this boy I need to make this clear and even in a house that can have up to 12 plus dogs at any given time were he better with other dogs and it was fair on him and then he absolutely WOULD NOT be going anywhere, he is our little Prince who has had the absolute worst of times, is so happy now and deserves the absolute best of times ahead

Sprite is vaccinated, kc vaccinated, de flead, de wormed, microchipped and netuered and has a bionic leg!!! What more could you want? IF at ANY point in the future that leg gave him grief Greyhound Gap would remain liable for continued care.
Now please, please, please someone EPIC give this hilarious, sometimes batshit crazy little imp a home that he is deserving of all I ask is that in return you are the family he deserves too.
Sprite is actually the most ideal little dog ever for people who only want one companion or have just one calm older female.
If you are interested in offering our devilish little imp a home please complete the pre adoption questionnaire below

Want to Adopt Sprite?

If you would like to give Sprite a new home, please contact the rescue on Rose Marie on 01256 771819 (9am - 9pm) and ask for Rose Marie or send an email using the form if available.

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